Register Oodlebit Exchange To Get 50 OODL Coins Free

  • 10 ZILLA ~ $4.50 USD
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Register Oodlebit Exchange To Get 50 OODL Coins Free

Instruction, As Below:

– Register Account At HERE

+ Enter Your email

+ Re-Enter Your email

+ Create password

+ Check Your email to verify account

– Login to account:

+ Click ‘Complete Actions’ tab: Complete simple tasks as instruction to get 40 OODL Coins free and 60 days no trade fees

– Referral Bonus:

+ Click ‘Affiliate Program’ tab: Get Your referral link

+ Bonus: Each successful signup pays you 5 OODL coins. Once the oodlebit exchange has opened, you will earn 50% of your signup’s trading fees. As an example, if one of your signups generates 1 BTC in trading fees, you earn 0.5 BTC.

About Oodlebit Exchange

Oodlebit is a U.S. based business founded in 2018 by Nicholas Dooley. Aiming to provide users with a fast, fair, and secure digital asset trading platform by utilizing the best technologies, the most talented people, and by continuously pursuing the input of the community.

We are a team made up of traders, investors, dreamers, and innovators that work extra hard to meet the expectations of our users. We are proud to be part of the rapidly growing blockchain industry, and we genuinely believe our trading platform and other blockchain mediums will shape a better future for our society.


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