EnjinX Launch Giveaway (ERC-1155)

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15.000 ERC-1155 Tokens Giveaway

Enter the EnjinX Launch Giveaway now and earn entries to the 15,000 ERC-1155 Token Prize Pool.
Our step-by-step guide makes it as easy as possible for you to get your free tokens


Difficulty: Easy
Ends: 2019/01/19

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1. Open Enjin Coin airdrop form

2. Complete social tasks and earn entries

3. Receive ERC-1155 tokens

Rewards include everything from Frozen ENJ and epic Multiverse items to special-edition HODL tokens and enigmatic, legendary Tradesmith items — as well as a single, mysterious Ansible, one of the first ever minted ERC-1155 tokens.

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